and so, since there were 4 cars that sunday,
yi-ren with his volvo,
khairul with his mercedes,
buddy with his toyota,
and ms quek zuoyi with her nissan sunny,
we decided to drive to kallang leisure park!

i know!
so many cars right?
so many cars also headache!
dunno which car to sit!


the story goes,
i had never been to the new kallang leisure park.
been there to attend a case before,
way back then!
even before the building was up.
so technically speaking,
the whole lot of us were pretty hype!
cos no one been there before!

we decided to play the heavy ball,
that goes to the lane,
and strike many pins!

– bowling –

of course,
we were overly dressed!
of course,
people stare!
of course,
we did not care!
got so many kids playing bowling that day!
when i mentioned kids,
they were pretty young!
like 5 – 10 years old – brats!

i could not remember the last time i played bowling!
i mean seriously! it has always been eating, eating and eating out!
so, of course it was fun to do something – productive!

may i add, that even though i have not bowl for THAT long,
i was still in good form!
still have not lost my touch!

i know!
the pink ball suits his clothing,
and his style.


after burning a nano amount of calories playing bowling,
we decided to do what we ALWAYS lurps.

so, there was starbucks and there was coffee bean.
like you know,
kids love coffee bean.
young adults,
love starbucks.
so where do you think,
WE would end up?

so clever!
of course STARBUCKS!
even after the heavy calories intake at arrianna’s wedding,
my mouth still want to chew something!
* slaps forehead *

i know!
at this rate, i would never be able to loose any kilos!

starbucks coffee

so after spending the sunday with the people from central,
some of them decided to leave and do their own personal stuffs,
where else zuoyi, me and faiz,
decided to chill somemore.

i dunno.
i have a feeling that they missed me too much.
that’s why when i suggested to go to pasir ris park,
zuoyi was so willing to drive us there.
without even an inch of saying NO!


i am so fortunate to have a female friend like ms zuoyi.
we have this kind of ‘ connection ‘ that can cracked each other up.
like we can laugh over small silly things,
and i will be roaring like some retard.
i think, she is one of those few female friends that i have,
who can stand my nonsense!

and so, the three of us ended at pasir ris park,
somewhere at the fisherman village which is no longer existed,
but only 2 surviving floating on the sand villages and we ended up
at midnight summer breeze.

i think, faiz is like so lucky can?
even though he was posted from changi to his new workplace,
he still have people to go out with him,
and do things that he enjoyed!

because seriously lor,
if i were posted out,
i dunno if anyone in my new workplace
would be as cool as ms zuoyi and mister joshua!

the thought of posting out is like super scary lah!

i’m wondering, what kind of culture do other stations practice?
i mean seriously,
even in my station,
different teams works differently.
i mean, my team personally,
we are very family orientated.

some teams are super,
i can’t be bothered to make you a part of my team,
or the,
when you are working, I AM THE BOSS,
and you are nothing but just my assistants kind of environtment.

i am so glad that i have a FABULOUS team.
that aside,
with all these major calories intake,
i am so desperate to burn them OFF!

i am so forcing my rascals to go running!
i think, i am influencing them to eat and eat and eat!
and they have been putting on so much weight!
oh well,
at least they are happy!


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