i think, birthday celebration is like one of those days that i can meet up,
with old friends.
but its a good gesture anyway.

so the other day,
my x rascals, who had completed his national service,
was calling calling me.
asking me when i was free.
and i knew that he was asking me and the rest out,
because his birthday was coming.

since most of us could not make it on his actual birthday,
which falls on 2nd of may,
we decided to meet up a few days early.
i know, the entry is the very outdated, rite?

so we met up at novena, and ended up at united square,
genki sushi for dinner!
i was literally starving and since
ALL of you know that i am a huge japanese food fan,
i was equally excited to dine there!

but the service was very the crappy nak mampos!
the service person, or affectionately known as waitress,
were super unfriendly.
they put this ‘ i am forcing myself to serve you ‘ bloody face!
i came this close in slapping one of their faces!
they just threw the food around the table,
without acknowledging who’s food was for who.
and when you asked for refills,
they gave the, ‘ can’t you tell i am freaking busy? ‘ face!

no wonder the place was relatively EMPTY!
lousy service, lazy looking service employees,
and the manager was also retarded looking!
i cannot stand those people who gave the
‘ attitude ‘ that they were forced to work kind.

if you don’t want to work in service line,
then don’t lah!
face so sour, you make the food,
that is meant to taste nice,
extremely vomit inducing!


so, the birthday boy,
mister teo chee chong, was giving us a treat!
and i tell you,
*lurps* free dinner!
saper yg tak suka kan? ( who won’t be happy, rite? )
free dinner with lousy service,
plus excellent company = a very happy person!

so after the lousy service during dinner,
with OKLAH, not that fantastic SUSHI and japanese food,
we decided to hang around starbucks coffee,
and wee kiat surprised the birthday boy, with a fruit cake!

we were chatting and updating each other.
it was more like asking how teo and lay chee long were doing,
since they had ended their NS last year.
so fast right?

it seems like yesterday that teo chee chong,
was following me out for call,
in the ne nor ne nor…
now, he’s working and being all grown up!

abercrombie models

we bought together gether polo tees that look
a bit like abercrombie logo,
when we were in JB.
i liking the POLO tees!
i nearly bought 2 then!
but i find it utterly ridiculous to have the same pattern,
but off different colors.

i was asking ms zuoyi, whether we would look like ‘those’ retarded couple,
that wears the same design clothing when they go out,
and ms zuoyi was like,

fyi, ms zuoyi and i are not dating!
she already has a MAT boyfriend!

dear KHAI,
if you are reading this,
i was forced to wear the same polo tee with them!
so, i lan lan join in the party!
* padahal padahal *



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