one of the news that i gathered recently,
though i don’t usually follow the malay entertainment industry that much,
especially when it comes from singapore.
do you still remember, NORLEENA salim?
the female comedian who acted in Under One Roof?

picture this!
her then…

now, based in brisbane, Australia,
a jazz career, a performer,
and a whole lot ‘thinner’ then she used too.
the new Norleena!

apprently she had lost almost 27kg!
here’s an abstract from the newpaper.

Norleena emphasised she never had an issue with the way she looked. Her weight ‘became everyone’s problem but mine’.But enough is enough. As part of her new year’s resolution, she decided to change her looks, and besides, like she said, she was ‘sick of yo-yo diets’.Through her doctor, Norleena enlisted the help of a dietitian and started on a proper diet and exercise regime. ‘It’s nothing too hardcore yet, like hiring a personal trainer and going to the gym every day. I just walk a lot and it helps that my neighbourhood is hilly. ‘My dietitian helps monitor if I am getting enough nutrients and how much fat I am losing,’ she added. Norleena went on a low-carbohydrate diet, giving up rice, potatoes, bread and pasta, and eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. ‘I can’t remember the last time I had bread,’ she said. Her dress size went down from 18-22 to 14-16. But old habits die hard, now that she’s back in Singapore with all the local dishes within reach. ‘The other morning I went to the market with my mother and I ordered so many dishes like nasi lemak and mee goreng,’ she said. ‘But all I had was one spoonful of each. The desire to eat was no longer there.’ Norleena admitted she still has to work off the flab on her upper arms and has some way to go before reaching her ideal weight.

so now you know!
her myspace account :- http://www.myspace.com/leenasalim

like power to the max can?
i enjoyed reading stories of people,
who shed off their weights,
with discipline, proper nutrient diets and exercise.


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