so, after a meet up with my x sidekick,
zuoyi decided to catch up with me,
since my ass was in changi for the past few shifts,
and we thought,
it was nice to meet up,
just the two of us.
cos you know,
she’s my favorite gal pal at work,
and we haven’t had the opportunity,
to spend quality times together.
* super touching *

we were walking aimlessly for a dessert pit stop,
and decided to settle at marina square.
we saw a queue at changing appetites!
if the queue was long, sure the food was nice!
tio? AND,
the place looks comfy, and nice!

since that gurl was a bit hungry,
and my sweet tooth was biting on the desserts menu,
it was order time!

this dish, is nice man!
the sauce was power! cheesy, but does not make you feel sick!
very very the nice!

since i had late lunch with yew ming at billy bombers,
i just ordered a dessert,
which was meant for me only!
but that MS QUEK wanted to share also.
she lurps sharing my food leh!

the mudpie is not as nice as the ones i’ve tried at
NYDC cafe or BIG O cafe.
BIG O has the best MUDPIES – period!
i know my stuffs!
so, if you do want to have the best MUDPIES in town,
try NYDC or BIG O.

since ms quek has a sweet tooth, just like me,
she ordered something on the menu as well.

actually the cake was relatively okaylah.
not like – super amazing nak mampos kind.

though the mudpie tasted better.

the highlight of our outing,
was to walk really really far.
when i said, WALK FAR, we literally were walking,
aimlessly for almost 30 – 40 minutes,
without stopping!
beat that!

we talked about work related issues,
our rascals,
the team,
and also those who are in love.
i remembered someone said this to me,
” you have to start on the right foot to make a wrong decision. ”
i guessed, each one of us,
do make wrong decisions at time.
and i guessed, by making a wrong decision,
we can learned from it.

i know!

we had supper with yi-ren,
since he was hungry, as he picked us up at funan IT mall.
i know. food again!


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