1) i realised that starting this new year, my style of blogging seems to have change. better?… i hope so… but when it comes to my personal life, it has always been personal… nothing’s change. am i dating anyone?… do you care?

2) i don’t post much pictures now a days. if you realised, last time, i used to take pride in my photos. i will sit and really do those shit editing, until it looks AMAZING!…

3) been going clubbing almost every week!…

the mom doesn’t seemed to like it!… but i seemed to enjoy it… so its 1 to me, 0 to her… she can nag all she wants, but i just don’t give a damn.

4) that does not mean, i’m spending any less time with the family… we do go out on sunday if i’m not working…

5) i wanted to visit a blogger in indonesia… hahaha… but even if i do, i will make sure that i list down stuffs that i want to do there… so that she can plan stuffs that we could do. for me, its very simple. i just want to go clubbing, eat cheap and nice food and see the rural area…

6) i have been working 6 consecutive night shifts!… my body is so accustomed to it, that i find it a drag to sleep early during the night. that’s why its a good excuse for me to go clubbing!…

7) and dancing is a good form of exercise!… if you DO sweat it out!… but sometimes, some clubbers don’t know that they have BO!… my gawd!… pls, invest in a good deodorant!


8) i only enjoy clubbing when my hair is perfect on that night… if not, i will throw a bitch fit!…



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