i had a very interesting case yesterday.
was activated to lor something geylang.
for those of you who are living in a shell,
lorong something geylang,
example, LOR 1 or LOR 11 geylang,
there are few activities that involved,
prostitution, sex and business.

not every LOR in geylang is all about sex and prositution.
there are other places to eat and chill.
okay, i won’t consider chill…

so yes,
yesterday, i was activated to one of those LOR something geylang.
the LORONG was flocked with transvestite prostitutes.
i mean literally!…

i got all excited!…
cos you know,
many trans are very beautiful in nature…
so yes…
it was quite an eyesight.

apparently, my case was not!…
there’s this HUGE fella,
queried taken some substance,
and was totally knocked off!…
i don’t really know what’s the substance was,
but its white and powdery in nature…

he was so talking rubbish inside the alpha…
i tried to get history, but boy… this fella was long GONE man!…
i was excited because its not an every day event,
where people used “drugs” or over dose of certain “controlled items”…

i guessed,
i’ve managed to convey 2 cases before,
queried Ecstasy users…
its always a thrill in my line of work.
you might not know this,
but there are people who are still abusing controlled related drugs.

yesterday was quite different, because that fella had the substance in his hands.
and was sniffing when i came to him side!…



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