put down in words

this year, started out with a bang!…
i won’t say it was smooth,
but i have to admit, the first month was somewhat,

let see. i had bloodshot eye, very worst on my Right eye.
due to immerse forced vomit,
thanks to Josh (during his christmas gathering),
when i had a little bit too much to drink…

the bloodshot stayed for 3 weeks!…
bothers me, when i was having my holidays on the first week on Jan!…

sam and i were planning another holiday,
since the last time we did,
i ended up with 2 broken bones!…
not a lovely experience.
so, we were planning a last min trip,
and decided to go phuket and Indonesia, jakarta and yogyakarta.

it was so last minute,
that i thought going to 3 places in one week will be a killer!…

our first stop was to phuket.
we spent 3days and 2 nights there.
i had a rude shock when i noticed there were so many Caucasion on that tiny island.
i felt i was transported to a Western country,
instead of admiring another Asian paradise…

though Phuket was memorable,
but i refused to do any form of water related activites.
mom told sam that she didn’t want me to touch the water at all when we were in phuket.
so, yes..
sam did snorkelling when we went to phi phi island,
and there i was, looking on top of the ferry,
where sam managed to swim with the fishes,
and fed them with bread…


we managed to catch a drag show, called Simon’s Cabaret,
and took pics with the performers…

we went clubbing at Bangla Rd…
its BANGLA rd!…
but i didn’t feel safe when i was there…
dunno. felt so weird…

it was flooded with people,
and a lot of trans, drags pulling unexpected patrons,
to take pictures with them,
and demand for tips…
i was like, >.<

i didn’t quite enjoy Phuket,
as much as i wanted too…
it was a bit of everything…
though i had to say,
sam planned everything rather well…

the best thing i guessed abt Phuket,
was the food!..

it was food after food!..
shiok man!..

if only we had stayed in Hard Rock cafe, phuket!..
but since we were on a tight budget,
and so last minute,
we just book everything that was affordable…

next entry,
Indonesia, Jakarta and Yogyarkarta…


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