selamat datang pak!

one of the reasons why i was psyched to visist jakarta,
was because i wanted to meet up with Ms A.A,
who happened to work in Jakarta,
after spending her whole life in Singapore as a secret agent… (not true story)

so with a few sent emails,
sam and i would be staying with Ms A.A,
during our 2 nights in Jakarta…

picture this,
after spending 3 days, 2 nights in phuket,
we flew back to singapore, arrived in the late night,
rested for a few hours,
before catching the next flight, bright early the next morning,
to jakarta…

what i love about jakarta is the people.
and not forgetting the shopping malls.
the malls were huge!…
apparently sam and i had a different taste,
and side to what we should be doing in jakarta.

i for once, after a hectic rush that we did in phuket,
wanted to have a relaxing,
yet a pampering, rich, fine moments in jakarta…

as in, shopping,
swimming, relaxing, enjoy the coffee,
and fine dining.
but as for sam,
he wanted to explore the exotic museums,
work of arts,
historic pillars,
and not forgetting the “other” side of Jakarta…

which was,
for most tourists’ attractions!..

despite having different interest,
it was amazing how we could survive 2 days in jakarta,
with not much of homework done!..
we relied on Ms A.A for places to go,
and since we didn’t want to waste money on cabs,
most of the time, we ended up walking..!…

it was pure torture!…
but on the 2nd day,
we were fortunate, because,
we managed to make friends with a local,
and he showed us around Jakarta,
and took public transport,
the mono bus!…

other than that,
since Ms A.A was busy with work,
we could only spend time with her, after she ended her spy job.
and of coure,
we managed to sit and chit chat at her home,
and since sam didn’t know Ms A.A,
it was time for them to get to know each other…

overall, our stay in Jakarta was worthwhile.
i was hoping to stay longer though…
i was beginning to love Jakarta, when our 2 days were over,
and we had to rush to take a flight to yogyakarta…

the trip to yogyakarta was nothing but full of exotic places!…
i mean, locals are friendly,
especially when they know that you are from Singapore.

they treated you as though you have tons of money.
when in reality,
me and sam were like totally broke.
since we spent quite alot on fine dining in jakarta…

so we managed to go to the historical places,
like the temples,
work of arts,
batik paintings,
the dance,
wayang kulit,
and during the last day,
we realised that our hotel did not accept credit card for payment.

it was a moment of panick!…
since we barely had enough rupiah dollars to spend,
so ended up,
sam and i tried to dig our own singapore money..!!…
luckily it was only $80.00 for 2 nights!…

so ya…
it was a little hiccups during our last day,
but overall,
it was a beautiful moment in Indonesia…
my advice,
always bring a bit of singapore cash, just in case…

you’ll never know when you need them!…


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