communication to me is vital in every relationship…
but it does not mean,
that when you don’t have things in common,
you can’t make a relationship works…

i believed in the right balance.
have you ever see,
a couple…

who mimics each other?…
they have the same personalities,
the way they speak,
their thoughts…
oh yar…

i guessed, thats awfully cute, don’t you think?…
to me,
sometimes, when you get too comfortable with someone,
you will somehow “inherit” their ways of talking or thinking.
sub consciously..
its like a bunch of good friends…
we tend to talk the same topics,
try to fit in,
talk about the same common topics,

not to mimic,
but simply to be a part of the conversation.

i believed that you do need a bit of common interest or topics.
but that does not mean,
you have to have so many things in common,
that there is nothing that you can learned frm each other…

when you strike a certain topic,
that interest both parties,
that is where you tend to be actively involved…

i find at times, i can be too accomodating…
i will step into a person’s zone,
or level of communication.
i might not be the most intellectual or well read,
nor knowledgable…

but i can strike conversation if the other person,
is willing to share their information as well.
i guessed,
it takes two or more person,
to open up a topic,
that excites my intellectual… 🙂


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